Health Canada has issued a recall over Brilliant Brow Gel in soft black over concerns the product might be contaminated with mould. (Health Canada handout)

Health Canada has issued a recall of a brow gel over mold contamination concerns.

Brilliant Brow Gel comes in a silver container with a wand and brush applicator, and contains a form of the mould penicillium, according to Health Canada. Anyone who has the product is advised to stop using it and throw it out right away. The serial number printed on the product is the lot number 999210861.

"Individuals with weakened immune systems, who suffer from a pre-existing health condition, or who belong to another sensitive group may be at risk of allergic reactions and related symptoms if exposed," said a statement on the health agency's website. "If Penicillium is introduced into the eye, eye infections may occur."

There have been no reports of any injuries in Canada as of Jan. 20, and about 659 units of the product were sold countrywide between February and December 2019. The product was distributed by Beautycounter and was manufactured in the United States.