Health Canada recalls more hand sanitizers that contain industrial-grade ethanol


Health Canada has added five more hand sanitizers to its recalled list for the use of industrial-grade ethanol.

The ethanol contains impurities and non-approved chemicals that have not been authorized to be used in Canada.

Health Canada says if people use the products too much, they could experience dry skin, irritation, or cracking.

The new products on the list include Biogel, eSafe, Healthcare Plus Sanitizing Hand Gel, Manogel, and Sanitagel.

Anyone who is using the recalled products is advised to stop immediately and follow guidelines on how to dispose of it. The hand sanitizer can also be returned to a pharmacy for disposal.

If anyone has concerns, Health Canada said they should reach out to a healthcare professional.

A full list of the recalled products can be found online.

- With files from CTV's Kayla Rosen.