Heat dome: Sask. preparing for another week of sweltering temperatures

Just when we got through the last heatwave, the next is here. Heat warnings are already in effect for the areas that will be under the heat dome in Saskatchewan, and they are likely to stay in place through most of next week. This extended heat event is likely to impact southern and central Saskatchewan the most.

And there they are! Heat warnings now in effect across most of the province. Temperatures heading up into the 30s tomorrow (currently at 29 in Regina) and will stay there through what looks to be the end of next week in southern Sask... #SKstorm @CTVRegina pic.twitter.com/HMVmda7Uzd

— Bradlyn Oakes (@BradlynOakes) July 14, 2021

The cause? Well, it’s a tale as old as – well a week or so ago. A heat dome is building in over north-central USA. This upper atmosphere ridge is going to peak up into southern Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. Currently, it looks to bring the hottest temperatures on Monday in southern Saskatchewan, with some models running temperatures over 40 degrees.

Most areas currently look to peak in the upper 30s, with Regina likely to be at 36 degrees Celsius, Maple Creek at 39 and Moose Jaw at 37. By the time we get to Tuesday, the heat slinks further south, but Regina looks to be in the 30s until July 23.

Now, it is not all sunshine and hot air. A few different systems are moving through, and thus the risk of thunderstorms does exist on and off throughout the next week. As wildfires continue to burn through northern Saskatchewan, we also expect some smoky conditions across the province. So, we are watching heat, hazy conditions and some storm potential.

Things continue to heat up this week - say goodbye to those lingering 20s southern Sask and hello to the 30s. Temperatures look to be the hottest on Monday, with Maple Creek up at a blistering 39°. Wear your sunscreen, hydrate and stay cool -- heat is sticking around. #SaskWX pic.twitter.com/JobjddZy2F

— Bradlyn Oakes (@BradlynOakes) July 14, 2021

So, let’s talk about the storm potential. For starters, northern Saskatchewan will get some relief from the heat on Thursday as a cold front pulls through from a low in the Northwest Territories. This is going to cool temperatures and bring a little bit of precipitation, which will hopefully help fires burning in the region.

But, it is also going to bring some convective energy with and behind it. There is a risk of thunderstorms across most of Saskatchewan throughout the day on Thursday. Though this is highest in the north, it can’t be ruled out in southern Sask.

After that, a clear Friday is on tap, though a surface low does appear to be skirting around through southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. Currently, it does not look to bring any measurable precipitation with it but does have again, some convective energy and a minor risk of thunderstorms.

Saturday is the day we are watching for storms to really build, and this is because the aforementioned low in Alberta will move through central Saskatchewan bringing rain through northern Saskatchewan as it moves into northern Manitoba. This accumulation could be quite substantial, with 10-20 mm likely through northern Saskatchewan and some isolated areas of torrential rain. Yay, rain!

But, this low is also going to bring the risk of thunderstorms across the province, with some being severe. Now, there is a lack of moisture in southern Saskatchewan, which means the main threats we are watching for are gusting winds and lightning. But will be keeping an eye on how things develop.

After that, the heat dome continues to build, but surface lows will move through as well. So expect a hot, dry, hazy, smoky and unstable week ahead. Hot being the key term there. As with any heat event, stay hydrated, stay safe and stay cool everyone!