Heat wave will have 'lasting effect' on gardens, crops: Kuhlmann's

Edmonton’s record-breaking heat wave coupled with dry weather kept gardeners on their toes as they worked to keep plants alive. 

Dieter Khulmann, senior partner at Khulmann’s Greenhouse Garden Market, said Edmonton is no stranger to hot weather – but this year was different. The extreme heat combined with vicious winds left plants in poor condition.

“This heat wave is going to have a lasting effect on field crops. You’ll see some desiccation and you’ll see reduced yields. In some cases, it is almost bordering on the drought situation,” he said.

The heat wave created plenty of trouble for the average gardener, too, Khulmann added.

“We definitely need a good rain, there is no doubt about that,” he said.

For home gardener Henia Kwiatkowski, the heat had a “brutal” effect on her garden.

“The plants just took a beating. They can’t handle that extreme weather for a week,” said the gardener.

Watering her plants twice a day, Kwiatkowski said her stress stemmed from keeping her flowers alive before a wedding.

In order to prevent plants from wilting, Khulmann suggested providing plants with plenty of water and nutrition.

Melissa Campbell, operations supervisor in forestry with the City of Edmonton, said younger trees are of greater concern. Trees less than two years old are at greater risk of damage from the dry conditions.

Signs of tree damage include drooping leaves, yellow leaves and premature leaf drop.