'Help yourself': Guelph woman creates community vegetable garden

A Guelph woman is creating a community garden to encourage people to grow their own food.

Gina Davis took up gardening when the pandemic hit.

"Over the winter I collected a bunch of seeds and in the spring time I started the seeds in my apartment," she said.

She then transferred the vegetables to a garden that once belonged to the drop-in centre in Guelph.

"Because of COVID they no longer serve the food in the kitchen so I requested that I start a community project," Davis explained.

She and her friend Francis Farewell are now hoping to turn the greenspace into a community garden. The drop-in centre has given the plan the go-ahead.

The project has been dubbed Garden on Gordon.

"What I'm hoping is to get some people from the neighbourhood to come in and plant their own stuff in their own plots," Davis said. "We have several plots here available. I want to get the community involved."

She said the space would allow those without a greenspace at home to garden.

"Just make it a friendlier place where people know your name and what better way than pulling weeds next to somebody," Davis said.

Tomatoes, kale, broccoli and beans are just some of the vegetables currently in the garden.

"It's close to home for us, it's only like 30 seconds up the road and she's done such a great job creating the space," said Ashley Benallick who wants to join because she doesn't have a garden of her own at home.

Davis plans to extend the garden over the next few years.

"The harvest is open to anybody, if you're walking by and you want something, as long as it's done, help yourself," Davis said.

Those looking to get involved in the garden can find more information on a community Facebook page.