Here are Regina's 2022 construction projects

The City of Regina kicked off construction season with an announcement of $118 million in funding for new and ongoing projects.

The investment will go toward transportation, water, wastewater, and drainage infrastructure, according to a news release from the city.

“Investing in municipal infrastructure is critical to the development of our city,” said Mayor Sandra Masters in a news release. "We need to ensure our existing infrastructure is well maintained, while continuing to make strategic investments to support economic growth and building a more vibrant, safe and sustainable community."

The $118 million total is being distributed over six major areas of concern across the city.

Among them are improvements to major roads and traffic infrastructure ($19 million), improvements to bridges ($24 million), improvements to residential roads and pedestrian connectivity ($17 million), drainage improvements ($15 million), wastewater upgrades ($18 million), as well as drinking water system improvements ($25 million).

This year’s construction budget sees a $6 million increase from last year’s, but there are more projects on the list this year

On top of the several major projects that are already in progress such as drainage improvements in North Central, the rehabilitation of the Winnipeg Street overpass and the McCarthy infrastructure improvement, there are many new projects starting this construction season.

These projects span the city, from drainage improvement in the Northeast Neighborhood, to improvements to north and south Lewvan Drive as well as access to the Regina International Airport.

“2022 is another busy year with many projects, but during our short construction season, we make every effort to minimize impacts on residents through extensive planning,” said Kim Onrait, Executive Director of Citizen Services in the news release. “Our team works collaboratively to coordinate plans, and to balance resources, budgets and priorities. We strive to be efficient and cost effective while also reducing the impact to residents and drivers.”

Several major projects are already in progress such as drainage improvements in North Central, the rehabilitation of the Winnipeg Street overpass and the McCarthy infrastructure improvement.

Work on the North Central Drainage project resumed last month and is in its third and final year of construction.

This work will impact not only motorists, but residents of the area as well as they will need to keep an eye out for changes to certain aspects such as where to put their garbage bins for pick up.

“The street in front of your home, you cannot drive on it, it is being replaced basically with undergrounds, so it’s very important there for the local residents who live in that area,” said Kurtis Doney, director of water, waste and environment with the City of Regina.

The McCarthy Boulevard project will begin its second and final year in June, bringing renewed roads and concrete infrastructure as well as replaced sidewalks and centre medians.

The Winnipeg Street overpass is in another season of work that will require various closures and restrictions on Winnipeg Street and Ring Road.

Chris Warren, director of roadways and transportation, said due to the volume of vehicles using these roads work where closures are needed will happen overnight.

“This is one where it’s going to be the entire construction season to complete, so we’ll have ongoing impacts and we’ll do our best to mitigate those,” said Warren.

Four new projects are included in the 2022 construction season.

Work on Albert Street, from 3rd Avenue North to 1st Avenue North, began Monday and will finish in September. The project will leave a smoother road surface, add traffic signals at 3rd Avenue and 2nd Avenue and relocate streetlights for a larger sidewalk.

The north east drainage project will start late this summer and run over the course of three years with the goal of reducing storm, sewer and waste water backups, and flooding in the area.

Arcola Avenue, from Prince of Wales to Ring Road, will undergo trunk realigning.

Work on both north and south Lewvan Drive is set to begin in June, bringing road renewal and an enhanced northbound turning lane into the Regina Airport.

To keep up to date about how construction projects may affect your commute, the city urges the public to visit its website over the coming construction season.