After a few days of cold and snow, the forecast is taking a turn for the double digits (on the plus side).

While the cold will linger through Wednesday morning, warm weather and highs in the mid teens are in the not too distant future.

Wednesday starts off with a wind chill of around -8, but will warm to an afternoon high of 8°C, according to Environment Canada. The sky should remain clear and sunny through most of the day.

Overnight, expect a clear sky and a low of 2°C.

Thursday is when the temperature really shoots up. Environment Canada is forecasting a high of 15°C with a mainly sunny sky.

Those kinds of temperatures are predicted to last through the weekend, with mainly sunny conditions until Monday, when cloud cover returns to the forecast. The long-term outlook for Tuesday includes a chance of showers but a still higher than average temperature.

Friday: Mix of sun and cloud, high 14°C.

Saturday: Mix of sun and cloud, high 15°C.

Sunday: Sunny, high 16°C.

Monday: Cloudy, high 17°C.

Tuesday: Cloudy with a 60% chance of showers, high 13°C.

Highs won't match 82-year-old heat wave

While these temperatures are unseasonably high, don't expect any heat records to be broken.

The heat record for Nov. 5 has stood for almost 82 years. In 1938, a temperature of 22.8°C was recorded at the Ottawa Airport. That 1938 heat wave set records for Nov. 6, 7, and 8 as well, all in the low 20s. 

The recrod high at the airport for Nov. 9 was 18.5°C, set in 2011.