Here's how Albertans can add their COVID-19 vaccine record to Apple Wallet

iPhone and Apple device owners can add their Alberta COVID-19 vaccine record to the Health app and Wallet for easy access.

Users running iOS 15.1, released in late October, will be able to use the COVID-19 vaccination cards functionality to conveniently add vaccine and test records.

“Verifiable health records in the Health app are based on the SMART Health Cards specification,” Apple said in a release. “Users can choose to share verifiable health records stored in the Health app with approved third-party apps requesting this information, like airlines, event venues, and other businesses that facilitate in-person interactions.

“(Users) can also choose to add verifiable COVID-19 vaccination records as a vaccination card in Apple Wallet to present to businesses, venues, and more.” 

To add your record to the Health app and Apple Wallet, aim your iPhone camera at a printed version of your vaccine QR code, or pull up the QR code digitally and long press on it.

A yellow box saying “Health” will appear on your screen that has a link to open the vaccine record in the Health app. Once there, the option “Add to Wallet & Health” will appear.

Users who attempted to do this before the iOS 15.1 release will need to delete their old record from the Health app and restart the process. 

If you own an Android device or use Google Pay, you can add your vaccine record as a smart card.