Here's how to spot the International Space Station from across Canada this month

The International Space Station and the earth, as seen from outer space. (Stock image/Pixabay)

The International Space Station, a microgravity lab the size of a football field, will be visible from many locations across Canada this month.

With school out and summer camping underway, we’ve compiled a list of major Canadian cities with links to their viewing schedules.

If you’re going camping, your location probably isn’t listed below, but you may be able to find it by searching NASA’s world schedule and selecting a location that’s near to where you’ll be spending the night: NASA says the station is visible from a long distance around all of its listed locations.

The astronauts on board are currently conducting experiments with magnets and preparing for a commercial spacecraft to be re-docked on July 21, and for another to arrive and dock on July 30.

According to NASA the station “looks like an airplane or a very bright star moving across the sky, except it doesn't have flashing lights or change direction.”

“It will also be moving considerably faster than a typical airplane.”

The space station will appear in different parts of the sky according to its flight schedule. To maximize your chances of spotting it, you’ll want to read NASA’s instructions on where to look in the sky, which are unique to your location and viewing time.

Once you select your location, you’ll notice that each viewing time includes the direction from which the station “appears” and “disappears.” There’s also a handy diagram on the NASA website beside the listings to help you apply that information.