A sunrise on West Hawk Lake. Photo by Julia Fritschij.

WINNIPEG -- Manitoba Infrastructure’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre has issued a high water advisory for the Whiteshell Lakes area after Manitoba and northwest Ontario were hit with heavy rains.

Cottagers and boaters are urged to be cautious on and around the lakes.

The province said precipitation in September was above normal in southern Manitoba, as well as the parts of the Red and Souris river basins located in the United States - with some areas reaching record highs for September.

According to the province, flows are rising on most rivers and creeks in these basins, but water levels have stayed within the banks. It also notes that flows are above normal for this time of year in most parts of southern and southeast Manitoba, such as the Red River and tributaries and the Whiteshell Lakes area.

The Red River at James Avenue is expected to reach 13.5 to 14 feet between Oct. 3 and 4.

Water levels can be found online on the government’s website.