High water levels and strong winds leading to flooding in Gimli

Residents in Gimli are dealing with overland flooding due to high water levels on Lake Winnipeg and strong winds.

Lynn Greenberg, the mayor of the R.M. of Gimli, said the wind is blowing the water onto people's properties.

"Any of our drain pipes, they get plugged then because the water is higher then the drain pipes in some cases. So it always causes us problems when this happens," he said.

Greenberg said he has heard that some people are dealing with overland flooding on their property and he has heard reports of water getting into people's home.

He added at least a couple people have also been evacuated from their homes due to the high water.

Crews in the community are also working on building a dike at one of the main drainage pipes to ensure it is able to drain properly so more water doesn't back up.

One factor that could help the community is the wind according to Greenberg.

"If we get winds that are pushing say from the west and pushing the water east, then it causes a problem for folks on the other side of the lake. The wind can change and it can help us for a time."

Greenberg said sandbags are available for the residents who need it and he commends the public works crew for helping the community deal with the latest flood issue.

The province also announced that Highway 329 east of Riverton is closed due to water on the road.

A spokesperson for the province said the Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization continues to support municipalities during this flood season.

"The Province has deployed thousands of pieces of flood fighting equipment to numerous municipalities across the province and is administering a significant Disaster Financial Assistance program to ensure relief is available," the spokesperson said.