Hiker rescued near Lions Bay, B.C., after being spotted in 'middle of a waterfall'

A hiker is seen in the middle of a waterfall near Lions Bay. (North Shore Rescue/Facebook)

A hiker was rescued from a very risky situation after spending the night lost on a B.C. trail

Search and rescue crews say the hiker became separated from his group on Monday while they were heading back down a trail in Lions Bay. 

Lions Bay Search and Rescue looked overnight but couldn't find the hiker until the next morning, when he was spotted "in the middle of a waterfall," a post from North Shore Rescue on social media says.

"After being located the subject climbed to the bottom of the waterfall but fell approximately two meters to the base of the falls before rescuers could reach him via long line," the post says.

"The subject was evacuated via stretcher and he luckily did not sustain any life threatening injuries."

It wasn't the only call to the area Lions Bay Search and Rescue received over the long weekend. On Saturday, a group with an inured hiker called for help.

In that case, SAR said the hikers "did their best to self-rescue, but did the right thing by calling 911 for assistance when they realized they needed help."

"Had the group not called us, the situation may have escalated into something more dangerous for them, and our team, on a cold, wet night," Lions Bay Search and Rescue said in a post online.

The Lions Binkert Trail is a 16-kilometre route, that's estimated to take about eight hours.