Hockey fans in Saskatoon supporting Canada in the World Junior Hockey Championship

Canada is undefeated at the 2021 World Junior Hockey Championship, a perfect 4-0, and is set to take on Russia in the semi-finals on Monday. The tournament, which began on Christmas Day in Edmonton, has meant a return to normal, of sorts, for Sports On Tap in Saskatoon.

“It’s been really busy, nothing’s really changed since previous years,” said supervisor Allison Morgan. “Fans turn out for world juniors every year here, it’s one of the best times of year.”

Morgan says it’s been consistently busy throughout the tournament when Canada plays.

“The fans showed up before, during all the round-robin and stuff, it doesn’t matter, people are just excited to have some hockey on.”

Provincial restrictions limit four people to a table at bars and taverns, with at least three metres of space between tables if there are no impermeable barriers, and establishments must maintain information on all patrons.

“If it’s what we have to do, we’re totally here for it,” said Morgan. “People are still turning out, they’re really respectful, abiding by the rules. Everyone’s just excited to have hockey on and to be able to watch.”

The United States will play Finland in the other semi-final on Monday, with the gold medal game set for Tuesday Jan. 5.