Holy Roller Memorial 'rolling' on down to Fanshawe College for restoration

A tank is moving through the streets of London today.

The famous Holy Roller, one of two Canadian Sherman tanks to survive World War II, is moving to Fanshawe College to be restored.

The move is part of a planned restoration for the memorial which will take roughly a year at the college. 

Around 8 a.m. Central Avenue between Richmond Street and Wellington Road was closed as equipment was brought into Victoria park.

Heavy equipment such as cranes are required the lift the tank as part of its journey to Fanshawe.

With the weather cooperating the Holy Roller Memorial was removed from its spot in Victoria Park by late morning.

The Holy Roller was gifted to the City of London in June 1949 to commemorate the sacrifice made by members of the 1st Hussars during the Second World War.

It was moved to Victoria Park in May 1956.

In April the memorial was vandalized as spray paint was discovered on the body of the tank. The paint has since been removed.

According to Juno Beach Centre, the 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade (CAB) was equipped with Shermans in time for the invasion of Sicily in July 1943.

The Canadian Armoured Division, training in Britain for Operation Overlord, had their Canadian-built Ram tanks replaced with Shermans in the months leading up to D-Day.