Hope Mission calling for bottled water donations, supply 'almost empty'

With temperatures in Edmonton hitting the low 30s earlier this week, officials with Hope Mission say the charity is now in "desperate need" of bottled water.

Hope Mission spokesperson Lauren Reid tells CTV News Edmonton workers for the organization hand out tens of thousands of bottles of water to Edmonton's homeless every year.

On the extra hot days, Reid says, their 24/7 rescue vans can give away as many as 500 bottles.

"For people who don't live in homes, you can imagine if you don't have access to a water faucet throughout the day," said Reid, "it can be very challenging to get water, especially in hot weather like this."

Reid says Hope Mission's current bottled water supply is "almost empty."

"That's due to the extreme weather," she said, "and the heightened numbers of individuals who require assistance in getting safe, out of the sun, and staying hydrated."

The Hope Mission spokesperson wants Edmontonians to know that if they encounter a person in distress to call 211 ext. 3 to dispatch a rescue van to their location. 

"Our purpose is to meet with those people who need support, are in vulnerable circumstances, whether they're a little bit disoriented due to the heat, or other reasons," said Reid. "We're there to make sure that they get the care and the assistance they require to stay safe and hydrated.

"We've already encountered people who are so dehydrated that they're struggling to function, and even to walk. Water right now isn't just beneficial, it's life-saving."

Reid says the charity is also looking for hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and reusable bottles. 

People wanting to give can drop their donations off at Hope Mission's downtown location.