Hotel-DIeu Grace Healthcare hopes provincial funding will help improve mental health programs and services (CTV Windsor)

While all the local hospitals are keeping a watchful eye for signs of the coronavirus, Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare is in a different situation.

It doesn't have an emergency room and all of their patients are vulnerable medically.

The hospital had previously established good infection prevention and control measures and it screens all of the patients.

Staff there are being asked to correct misinformation they overhear and only share information from reputable sources. The latest information is being compiled so it is readily available to staff at all times, officials say.

“Right now because we’re a post-acute centre, we’re feeling that we’re at the readiness we need to be at, but we’re monitoring,” says Janice Kaffer, CEO of Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare.

"We’re being very cautious and careful about everything that we’re doing, and making sure that our staff have all the relevant information that we have to have.”