Hottest temperatures still ahead for Sask.

Over the last few days a powerful heat dome, or ridge of high pressure in the upper atmosphere, has been bringing sweltering temperatures to British Columbia and Alberta. So far it has been a record-breaking, historic and dangerously hot heatwave right across western Canada with the all-time temperature record for Canada snatched from the hands of Saskatchewan and given over to our friends on the west coast. 

And though we don’t look to get the record back anytime soon, our temperatures in Saskatchewan will continue to rise as the Jetstream and our upper atmosphere pattern shifts away from British Columbia to the east and us.

So, our heatwave is really just getting started.

Just an updated look at those heat warnings, still watching that SE corner of Sask and Regina, likely to hit threshold tomorrow and through the weekend as it keeps heating up out there. #SaskWX @CTVRegina

— Bradlyn Oakes (@BradlynOakes) June 29, 2021

As of Tuesday, most of the province has been under an extreme heat warning. The threshold of which is two days above 29 degrees Celsius in the northern half of the province, or two days of 32 degrees Celsius and above in southern Saskatchewan. These warnings are likely to continue through the weekend and cover the entirety of the province.

The hottest temperatures will start in northern Saskatchewan on Wednesday with Stony Rapids, Uranium City and Buffalo Narrows all headed up to a scorching 38 degrees and they continue through Thursday. The heat will continue to build in through southern and central Saskatchewan on Thursday and Friday.

Saskatoon and North Battleford will be up at 38 degrees on Friday, whereas Regina and Moose Jaw will get to a 36 degree high. Those 36 degree highs are where we look to top out. But in Regina, we still look to start our first weekend of July up at 35 degrees.

There are hot temperatures!

The heat is really headed our way over the next couple of days with temperatures headed up towards the 40 degree mark in some areas. Not as hot as BC, but still hot! #SaskWX @CTVRegina

— Bradlyn Oakes (@BradlynOakes) June 29, 2021

This heatwave is unprecedented – before this, a temperature above 45 degrees Celsius had never occurred in Canada. Now, this has been recorded for three days straight in multiple cities. For some context, the hottest temperature ever recorded in Las Vegas (where it gets hot hot hot) was 47.2 degrees Celsius. So, Lytton hitting 47.9 degrees on June 28 is scorching and it got even hotter on June 29 where it hit (preliminarily) 49.5 degrees. That second temperature is hotter than it has ever been in Texas!  

As global climate continues to change, these unprecedented heat events will become more normal. This is because anthropogenic climate change increased the intensity, severity and frequency of heatwaves and extreme weather events. So, even though Saskatchewan lost its 84-year-old record, it’s likely that this new one won’t last eight decades.

The heat isn't going anywhere this week, that's why I talked to the Red Cross today about staying safe out there. #SaskWX @CTVRegina

— Bradlyn Oakes (@BradlynOakes) June 28, 2021

This heatwave is also bringing very dangerous heat – so make sure that you stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and cool down often. If you are at the beach, out camping or adventuring then make sure you bring water and get in the shade as much as possible. As always, never leave your kids or dogs in the car and also check in on your vulnerable loved ones and make sure they are okay.

Also, since this is right over the holiday and into the weekend, just keep an eye on your ATVs, fireworks and campfires since the fire risk is increasing back up to extreme as well.