Alicia Schulz was surprised by the height of the sunflowers she planted this year. She hoped the flowers would attract bees. (Gareth Dillistone/CTV News)

A Regina woman’s attempts to increase the local bee population has resulted in some incredibly tall sunflower plants.

This is the second year Alicia Schulz has planted sunflowers to attract bees to her yard. She had no idea they would grow to more than 12 feet tall.

“I was just so amazed” said Schulz, “I didn’t expect them to be so tall. I just expected them to be like a normal sunflower height like five or six feet tall.”

Schulz received the seeds from Cheerios Cereal, as part of the company’s Bring Back the Bees promotion. She planted the seeds and watered them, and did not use any special fertilizers. The stalks are so strong that squirrels have been climbing up and eating the seeds.

As for the initial plan to increase the bee population, that’s worked out well too.

“We have over six bees on some plants, some have 12, some have four on a plant,” says Schulz. “There’s always a variety of plants and we can always see them.”

She says all the flowers in her garden are doing better with the increase in the bee population.

Schulz was curious if she had a record sunflower plant, but discovered the world record is more than twice the height at 30 feet.