Humboldt Broncos trademark name and logo

The Humboldt Broncos team logo. (Humboldt Broncos)

The Humboldt Broncos hockey club says it has trademarked its name and logo.

After the 2017 team bus crash that left 16 dead, many "unlicensed third parties" started producing items bearing the club's name and logo in the wake of the worldwide attention focused on the tragedy.

That's according to a news release from the club announcing it secured trademark status as of Oct. 26.

"This process was initiated by the Humboldt Broncos board members of April 2018 and has involved many board members over the past three-and-a-half years to get to where we are today," Broncos president Andre Kruger said in the release.

The logo, created in 2002, is now registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

The trademark applies to the use of the logo on athletic gear and clothing.

In 1988 the team began the process to trademark an earlier version of its logo (shown below), but the application was eventually abandoned.