Calgary's Jatinder Tatla has been named the International cab driver of the year

For over a decade, Calgary cab driver Jatinder Tatla played the positive with thousands of customers, including numerous prominent award-winning visitors from around the planet. Now, thanks to the International Association of Transportation Regulators, the award winner in his cab is Tatla himself.

Tatla was presented the award by the International Association of Transportation Regulators at an awards gala in Calgary last week.

What makes one cab driver rise above every other in the estimation of his governing body?

“I always provide my service in a positive way,” said Tatla.

The 41-year-old was given the nickname ‘Jass’ by his customers.

Tatla, who has worked with Checker yellow cabs for the past three years, believes every customer deserves to leave with a smile.

“I always love to meet new people,” said Tatla.“I always learn something from all the different clients. They have their own experience from their age, (and) their different jobs.”

Checker Transportation president Kurt Enders is proud to have Tatla part of the company.

“Jass doesn’t care who you are or how far your trip is,” said Enders.

“He always does an amazing job to make you feel welcome in his cab and make sure that however you left, if you’re having a good day or bad day, you always leave his car with a smile on your face.”

This wasn’t Tatla’s first time winning an award.

In May he was white hatted by Tourism Calgary for ‘most exceptional customer service for a driver.’

Tatla says it was tough for cab drivers when ride-sharing services such as Uber were rolled out in the city.

He credits a loyal customer base, for still being in service.

“My customers, they carry me,” said Tatla.

“They know that they want to keep Jass busy. Even after Uber,  I am more busier than before.”

Tatla says he has about 1,300 customers.

His busiest days are Mondays and Thursdays, where he sees up to 30 clients a day.