Beacon-Hill Cyrville councillor Tim Tierney distributes vaccine information pamphlets with the help of Ottawa Public Health. (Leah Larocque/CTV News Ottawa)

Coun. Tim Tierney is going door to door across his ward to pushback against misinformation about vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Beacon Hill-Cyrville councillor is handing out vaccine information pamphlets with the help of Ottawa Public Health. He says residents approached him after a publication appeared in their mailboxes, with misinformation regarding vaccines. 

"I have few people that are very concerned because it looks like pretty legitimate piece of material, after reading through it; you quickly discover it is bunk science," said Tierney. "And that’s the message I want to get out- Ottawa Public Health provides great guidance."

Aaron McCaffrey is one resident who received the misinformation publication.

“I wasn’t impressed with it, I don’t need that in my mailbox," said McCaffrey, adding he is worried about the impact it may have on the community. "It is concerning because there may be people out there who aren’t looking at other sources of information that looks a professionally made newspaper, and they take it for what they are reading and maybe not get the vaccine."

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) says it is aware of misinformation being distributed in Ottawa, adding the message is clear - vaccines are effective, safe, and crucial in the fight against COVID-19. 

OPH has created an information campaign called "COVID Decoded," that debunks myths about novel coronavirus, including videos from public health doctors and answers to frequently asked questions.

Ottawa Board of Heath chair Keith Egli reminds people to only trust credible sources that rely on science and health professionals.

"It is important that we use as many channels as possible at OPH and the city to make it clear that vaccines are safe and they are effective. We all need to get on board as we pushback again COVID in our city," said Egli.

 Egli says if anyone has questions about the vaccine, to visit the OPH website or ask your family doctor.