'I love it, it's amazing': New curling club mural in west Edmonton turning heads

Just in time for curling season, a longstanding west end building finally has a much-needed makeover.

“It needs to look exciting and fresh and I think this does that," says Cathy Craig, GM of the Jasper Place Curling Club.

In hopes of drawing attention to the 53-year-old club, Craig hired a local artist to transform a long exterior wall from drab brown to a vibrant and colourful mural depicting life in the neighbourhood. It’s now a can’t-miss sight along 107 Avenue, just east of Mayfield Road.

“People turn off 107th Ave. and say, 'I almost crashed my car, I had too stop and say something,' it's amazing,“ said Craig.

At 180 feet long and 14 feet high, the mural brings life and zest to a facility that’s been mostly quiet for 18 months. The Jasper Place Curling Club was only open for three weeks in 2020.

“We’re saying we’re here, we’re back, we’re bold. We are ready to do business again," added Craig.

To celebrate the mural, club members and local residents can meet artist Jill Stanton at a ‘Rock the Block’ party in the parking lot on Sept. 10.

The curling ice goes in this week and they hope to being play in early October.