'I'm all about children,' says Glace Bay business owner after donation to learn-to-skate program

A learn-to-skate program in Glace Bay, N.S., scored big after receiving a generous donation from a local business owner.

The Union Street Deli and Bakery in Glace Bay is like most small businesses in the Maritimes, struggling to push through a pandemic.

"It's been rough at times, but a lot of times it's been good too," said owner Margie Snow.

Snow has been a business owner in the community for 40 years and through the decades, the community has helped her achieve financial success.

Now she's paying it forward with a $2,500 donation to help kids hit the ice this season.

"We're all struggling, but you only get back what you give and that's been my motto my whole life," Snow said. "If you don't give anything, you get nothing and I stick by that rule."

Nick Bonnar is the director of the Learn-To-Skate program in Glace Bay.

"We certainly appreciate it," Bonnar said. "I'm overwhelmed, I have goosebumps just here talking about it. It's very nice to meet someone who cares about kids like we do."

Bonnar says Snow's donation will take the financial burden off the parents.

"They gave 14 kids brand new helmets, that's a start, and we have 30 wooden sticks ordered," Bonnar said.

Bonnar says his goal is to provide free gear and ice time for a sport that can be costly.

However, without community support, he says it's not possible.

"It's hard to get money from people to help and for someone to buy you helmets and sticks, so we can have money left to pay for ice or smaller gear," Bonnar said. "It's pretty rare during COVID times."

Snow says she and her late husband have always been community-minded people, and says she continues to give back in his memory.

But, there was one specific reason for this donation.

"Because it involves children and I'm all about children," Snow said. "My husband and I always were. We always gave to children."

A major asset to a hockey program that's all about the kids.