The family of a Cape Breton man who was struck and killed by a vehicle is seeking answers and trying to understand how such a tragedy could happen.

Filled with emotion, Anne Deviller says she is devastated by the death of her brother, Harry Harnum, who died after being struck by a vehicle on Sunday night. 

"He just celebrated his 64th birthday on Saturday," says Deviller. "We had a little family party for him, and then we find out Monday morning that he's gone."

Known to many people in the area, Harnum could often be seen walking alongside the roads with a shopping cart.

"We just can't understand," says Deviller. "He was always in reflective gear; he was never hard to miss."

Deviller says Cape Breton Regional Police have provided her with very little information.

"I'm hurt, I'm angry, I'm devastated. I just don't even know which way to turn right now," says Deviller. "This morning, we had to go to the funeral home and see him; that was the hardest thing to do."

What is known is that the incident happened on the newly opened Crawford Crossing, which connects Sydney to Whitney Pier.

Cape Breton Regional Police says it is investigating the incident, which includes waiting for autopsy results and a mechanical inspection of the vehicle. Police note they have been in contact with the family.

"The road he was on is a wide road," says Harnum's brother-in-law, Jeff Deviller. "Crawford Crossing is well lit – it shouldn't have happened."

Deviller says her brother's death is affecting not only her family but many people in the community as well.

"It's just so hard to take, it really is," says Deviller. "Harry was the type of man that would take his heart out of his chest and give it to you and never look for anything in return. He was an all-around wonderful man."

Meanwhile, a funeral for Harnum will be held on Saturday.