Iconic Selkirk water tower gets new paint job designed by former resident

Crews put up scaffolding around the Selkirk water tower as they begin to repaint the 135-foot 200,000-gallon tower in March 2021. (Source: Jamie Dowsett/ CTV News Winnipeg)

A new paint job for an iconic Selkirk landmark – designed by a former resident – is underway, giving the city bit of 'pizazz.'

Crews are in the process of putting up scaffolding around the Selkirk water tower. This is part of a project to repaint the exterior of the 135-foot 200,000-gallon tower.

The job was supposed to be done last year, but was delayed. Duane Nicol, the CAO for Selkirk, told CTV News the city now has the funds for the paint job.

"The skin protects it. It keeps the weather and the elements away from the metal," Nicol said, adding the paint job will do more than just protect the tower from the elements.

"If we are going to go up there and paint it, we should paint it with a little pizazz and make it look good."

Last year, the City of Selkirk put out an RFP for water tower designs. Nicol said the city received 13 submissions – ultimately landing on the design by Robyn Kacperski.

"Robyn is a former resident of Selkirk, she grew up here so she knows all about the iconic nature of the water tower and she has done a fantastic job of proposing a design that we all love and we can't wait to see it up there," said Nicol.

"It is a really high-profile project – no pun intended – and so we wanted to make sure that it was reflective of the renewal that we are seeing in Selkirk."

While the tower's paint job is set to be completed by the end of September, Nicol said the city is looking to add some more art and culture to the project. He said the City of Selkirk will be putting out another RFP in April for designs of a mural which will go at the base of the tower.

"The whole project is about making a new icon for the city." 

-with files from CTV's Jamie Dowsett