Corman Park Police (CPPS) have arrested an impaired driver after they responded to a 911 call on Highway 14 on Friday, police said in a Facebook post

The driver’s vehicle was located and stopped by CPPS and RM of Vanscoy Police.

Police say the driver was found to be in posession of illegal drugs during the investigation. 

During the vehicle search, police found 279 grams of methamphetamine, 425 ml of gamma-hydroxybutrate (known as the date rape drug), 10 oxycodone pills and a large amount of cash. 

The estimated value of the drugs is $8,000. 

The driver has been transported to Martensville RCMP detachment and their vehicle has been seized. 

The person has been charged with multiple drug trafficking and weapon offences. They are remanded and will appear in court on Monday.