Regina mayor incumbent Michael Fougere is promising to fund a mental health and addictions “First Point of Access” specifically for the Regina community if he is re-elected on Nov. 9.

A First Point of Access is a place where someone seeking support for mental health or additions issues can call and speak to another person.

“After talking to local non-profits and being part of fundraisers for mental health, it’s clear to me the mental health and addictions supports in Regina must improve,” Fougere said in a news release. “I’ll ensure the City of Regina funds a first point of access to provide immediate, expert and local support to help those struggling.”

Fougere said $250,000 would be provided annually from the city, to see which local organization would be best suited to run the first point of access.

“I’ve listened to too many heartbreaking stories, so I will continue to innovate, fundraise, consult and work hard to increase these services for Regina people,” Fougere said.

Fougere also took the time on Thursday to reiterate his promise to freeze property tax if needed, and implement a 10-year economic plan.