Innisfil garage sale raises money for animal rescue group

Hundreds of people in Innisfil took part in a major city-wide garage sale Saturday morning, creating community spirit while raising funds for an area charity.

Ashley Newman and Jacqui Raaphorst have been planning what they called 'Innisfil's Biggest Garage Sale' for more than a month. The goal was to get as many people as possible to participate.

"This is such a breath of fresh air," Newman says. "We really, this community really needed something to get excited about."

By the time the event kicked off Saturday morning, more than 200 homes across Innisfil had signed up to participate, providing hundreds of options for thirsty garage-sale connoisseurs to visit.

"Well, I made out over there, and I made out in other places, and this is what, our umpteenth stop? So we're doing alright, no complaints," says Penny Buckley, who was visiting from Richmond Hill.

The event also doubled as a fundraiser for Procyon Wildlife, an animal rescue group with many works in the area. To participate, vendors had to donate a minimum of $5, with shoppers encouraged to donate as well.

"The work that they've done, every time they've caught a fox, the whole town really celebrates because we know that fox is going to be saved by this amazing organization and it just brings smiles to all of the faces, everybody in town, I can't tell you how excited people get by the work that they do," says Newman.

Officials with Procyon Wildlife say they have taken in 11 foxes in recent weeks with mange, a skin disease caused by mites that result in hair loss and rashes. They say they can't complete their work without the help of the community.

"We can't do it alone," says Sarah Marrs Bruce, an animal care assistant with Procyon Wildlife. "There's just no way to do it alone, especially when it comes to helping sick or orphaned animals. It takes the community to band together to help to catch or to bring us those animals, and we can't do it without the financial support either because there is no funding."

The group says they are currently working towards building new fox and coyote enclosures. If you would like to donate to the organization, you can find more information here.