Introducing the Ben Burger: Oilers fan inspires special grub with proceeds to charity

As Edmontonians continue to rally around 5-year-old Ben Stelter, a local restaurant chain is joining in on the fun, with the creation of a new burger benefitting a children's charity.

Woodshed Burgers has created the Ben Burger, with Stelter's favourite toppings including bacon, ketchup and orange cheddar.

"The city is rallying around Ben, and that's a great aspect of what being an Edmontonian is about and we wanted to show our support," said brand manager Nick Thompson.

"Once Ben actually comes here from Disneyland, we're going to actually have a little Ben Burger day, when he'll be here to try it and tell us how we did."

The burger will be available every Oilers game day. It will sell for $13, with $4 of that going to the Kids With Cancer Society.

Stelter was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer, about a year ago. He has officially been named the Edmonton Oilers Playoff Ambassador.