'It's a devastating loss': Local dance studio suffers $8,000 theft

A desperate plea has been sent out over Facebook by Brenda Branco, Owner of All 4 One Dance Company, after the Lambeth-based dance studio’s trailer was stolen over the weekend.

“It’s a devastating loss for us,” said Branco. “We are a small studio so having the trailer was a great big sense of pride. All of the props in it were handmade by my family or dance parents.”

Between the trailer, itself, and the dancer’s props inside, the loss adds up to roughly $8,000 for the small business, and not much time to re-choreograph a new routine before students enter their final competition of the season.

“We revolved our dance around those props and it’s not fair that a small studio like us, suffered so much throughout COVID, gets our props taken away,” said dance instructor Mikayla Branco, who was the first to discover the missing trailer.

Now dancers and their parents are faced with the challenging decision of either re-choreographing their number or trying to find the extra time and money to build new props before the final competition this weekend.

Meantime, the dance studio is still hoping the props will be returned before then.

Police are aware of the theft and are investigating.

Anyone with information about the stolen trailer is asked to come forward.