It might only be the first week of September, but we are already seeing Christmas on display in some stores.

"People are excited for Christmas," says Audy Czigler, owner of Tinseltown Christmas Emporium in Ottawa.

There are still 113 days until the big day, but some are already getting in the spirit

"It’s a joy. It brings joy and family times," said one shopper on Wednesday.

Some stores have already started selling items for the holidays, but at Tinseltown you can get your hands on that perfect ornament 365 days a year.

"This year we’ve already noticed, since being open at the end of May, a significant increase to last years numbers," says Czigler.

With the chance of a second wave of COVID-19 coming in the fall, nobody can predict what the holidays will look like this year, so some just want something to look forward to. To happier times.

"I think with COVID, its been a hard year. So people need things to look forward to and plan for," says another shopper.

"With this pandemic going on, it's a very sad time for the world and we’re still all unsure of what’s going on," says Czigler. "And all we want to do is feel safe and happy and kind of return to what we used to know as normal. And when they’re in here they really forget about what’s going on in the world and they can lose themselves in Christmas for a little bit."

But, it's the beginning of September. Is it too soon to start thinking about the big man in red? Opinions seem to be mixed with some other shoppers CTV News Ottawa asked. 

"We got Halloween coming first, I think we’re rushing a little," said one shopper.

"Everybody’s really bored at their home. So I would like some Christmas decorations in the mall so I can bring my kids over. They are getting bored at the home. But still, I believe it's a bit early,” another shopper told CTV News Ottawa.

“It’s fine. I already see Halloween out, Thanksgiving stuff is already out. So why not Christmas.”

Back at Tinseltown, they are definitely ready to start the holidays early. 

"It’s makes people happy," says Czigler. “So with that, I don’t think it's ever too soon."

Ho ho ho. Canadian Tire has broken out the Christmas decorations. Should we laugh or cry? #Christmas #ottawa

— Carol Anne Meehan (@MeehanCarolAnne) August 29, 2020