'It’s concerning': Class dismissals continue

Olive McMahon enjoys being back at school.

"I don't want to come home again and go online."

The seven year old echoes the general sentiment of many.

McMahon was sidelined more than once last year, which included her being sent home with the virus. Her mom says she experienced mixed emotions, "with missing work and contacting people on your own and telling them they had been exposed. Monitoring symptoms making sure everyone is doing ok. Ya, it was a lot."

It's a scenario she would prefer to avoid this year.

"I'm hoping we can find a way to not just dismiss cohorts or close schools like St. Joseph's has done. Maybe we can use rapid testing. I just wanna hope that we can keep these schools open and these kids in class."

Her husband Mike added, "What I would personally like to see is if there's something the province could provide as sort of a support network for sick days, if that could be enhanced. Families will need it."

More students will be idled Monday after Catholic Central high school announced the dismissal of three classes and a bus cohort Saturday. OSSTF District 9 president Erin Roy is concerned and feels it creates some confusion in the classes for students and teachers alike.

"It's not the easiest work environment for the classroom teacher I think the health unit is erring on the side of caution and making sure that they're trying to curb the spread as much as they can."

Roy anticipates more classes and cohorts being sent home in the coming weeks but feels much more at ease than a year ago.

"We all want this to go away but I still think we're better off than we were last year. We only had students coming in every other day and there were times the case count was much higher."

The public school board says they are doing their part informing affected students and are following the guidelines set forth by our local health unit.

Public Relations Officer Scott Scantlebury reminds parents and students the confirmed case and outbreak plan can be found on board’s website.

"We really do want to keep kids in school if at all possible but we've all got a part to play in it in following the guidelines and being as safe and careful as possible."