'It's never fallen off before': Bride-to-be searching for missing engagement ring

It's every bride-to-be's worst nightmare: a missing engagement ring

That's what happened to Alicia Bacon of Cambridge.

After a long day at work back on April 1, Bacon decided to stop on her way home to pick up dinner at The Works Craft Burgers and Beer on Fairway Road in Kitchener.

“I remember seeing the ring on my finger while I was doing the debit machine,” said Bacon. “As I was walking out I went to grab my keys out of my pocket and I felt a tug, but it's never fallen off before.”

When she got home that night, she realized the ring was gone.

After searching the house and her car, Bacon and her fiancé Spencer Armstrong went back to the restaurant.

“Unfortunately it was closed so I stayed outside for a few hours just searching the parking lot," Bacon said.

She went back the next day, putting up missing posters with details on the serial number, how to return it and a cash reward. She will not specify the amount, but says it is substantial.

“We came outside and we looked around. She told her story which made even more impactful for me to help her,” said Michelle Hillier, one of the managers at The Works Craft Burgers and Beer.

According to Bacon, the ring is insured and can be replaced in the next two years if they do not find it. But, the one that went missing hold special sentimental value to her and her fiancé.

“He proposed on Christmas morning, it was a huge shocker. Probably the best thing to happen that month,” said Bacon. “We had some sad stuff happening in the beginning of the month so it was definitely a great turn around.”

In addition to a Facebook post, she has been calling pawn shops, jewellers and police with an incredible response from the community.

“To see how many people out there in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge and even other areas,” said Bacon. “I’m just overwhelmed with appreciation. I have no hard feelings on anyone if it is found and turned in. If anything they're going to be my super hero of the year 2021.”

Remaining hopeful, the young couple will continue searching for the ring and planning their wedding.