Dustin Wolck says he’s always been hard-working and has never accepted anything for free in his life. That had to change when he and his family lost everything in a fire.

They were living on the top floor of an apartment complex on Delair Court in Abbotsford. In the early hours of Valentine’s Day, fire tore through the 57-unit building, forcing everyone onto the street.

Wolck says he and his fiance, Kaitlyn Adams, were in the apartment next door to where the fire started. They could see the flames flickering from the window of the bedroom where their 14 month-old daughter was sleeping.

With little time to get out, the couple could only escape with the clothes on their backs.

“I left without shoes or jacket; my focus was getting outside,” Adams said.

Wolck added they were lucky they had a stroller in the back of their car. No other belongings made it out.

One week after the blaze, the family is trying to rebuild their lives. Wolck said they had insurance forms at the home, but hadn’t yet submitted them. With no coverage, they’ve been relying on donations and generosity to get back on their feet.

A friend started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the family.

“I’ve never accepted anything free in my life, I’ve been hard-working all my life and in this situation people are donating clothes and people are donating money; it’s overwhelming knowing people’s generosity,” Wolck said.

The couple, along with their baby, Wolck’s eight-year-old daughter and three cats are currently living in the spare room of a family member’s home. They’re looking for a new place to live, but say they’re having trouble finding somewhere affordable in Abbotsford.

“For a two bedroom that actually allows pets, it's close to $3,000,” Wolck said. “That’s Vancouver pricing. We can’t do that.”

For everything that’s been lost, the family is trying to stay positive.

“We have nothing but each other and it’s super challenging, super difficult, but I know that together we’ll be fine,” Wolck said. “We’re not good, but we’re OK.”

CTV News reached out to Abbotsford Fire Rescue about the cause of the fire. Assistant fire chief Ron Hull said the investigation is complete and the results will be released this week.