Neighbours helped rebuild Ryan Littler's home in Constance Bay after it was damaged by flooding. (Saron Fanel/CTV Ottawa)

There’s some relief for a family whose home in Constance Bay was destroyed by spring flooding,

Ryan Littler’s home on Allbirch Road has seen mass destruction: two floods and a tornado. Last spring’s flooding was by far the worst.

“Levels were extremely high and it was an unrelenting battle,” he said.

Even 10-thousand sandbags proved to be no match. To make matters worse, efforts to stop the flooding sparked a fire and destroyed his home.

“I had so many pumps going to try and keep the water out, had a small electrical fire and then that shut off the electricity and without electricity the place flood.”

Littler and Tom Taetz, the owner of Morduch & Taetz Construction, met as volunteer firefighters.

Taetz remembers responding to the call of Littler’s house fire.

“We got the call across the pager I wasn’t sure I didn’t know that it was his house but you quickly find out,” he said.

For Littler – who is now living in a rental home with his family – there’s finally reason to celebrate.

A team of local contractors – including Taetz and Dekka Pro Panels – have stepped up to try and rebuild what was lost.

They have a lofty goal of two days to build a three-floor home.

The crew spent Thursday working on the floors and standing up part of the walls. On Friday, they hope to crane the roof.

“It’s going to cost Ryan as little as possible. Just paying for time and material, we’re not taking profits off this job,” Taetz said.

Littler’s home wasn’t protected by insurance and while he’ll have to foot the bill for this project, he’s applied for Ontario Disaster Relief for some assistance.

He said he’s overwhelmed with gratitude and that the process will help him get back to a sense of normalcy much sooner.