'It saves a lot of work': Robot server delivers food, smiles at Chinese restaurant in N.S.

A Nova Scotia restaurant has rolled out some new technology that is sure to serve up a smile.

The May Garden Chinese Restaurant in Bedford, N.S., has introduced "Bella" to its team -- a robot that helps deliver customers’ orders to their tables.

"Bella's job is helping us deliver food to the customers,” said Shu Ting Huang, who works at May Garden. "I love her because it saves a lot of work for us and more efficiency."

According to Huang, Bella follows sensors in order to make her way around the restaurant.

“They put the sensors on our ceiling and then Bella will move... and follow the route," Huang explained.

So far, she's proven to be a big hit, even attracting some new guests to the eatery.

"My friend, Heather, told me that I had to go to May Garden and check out this little robot that brings out the food," said Chantal Jodouin, who visited the restaurant Monday to experience Bella's service. "So, I brought my niece and we decided to come and have lunch so that we could meet Bella."

"They love it, especially the kids," said Huang. "They all want to say ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank you’ to Bella. They want to try to talk to her, and they ask questions like, 'Can Bella sing?' or 'Can Bella tell stories?'"

Bella can also be found at the May Garden restaurant at Casino Nova Scotia.