A Cornwall woman is sharing her story after her vehicle was struck by lightning Tuesday afternoon.

A Cornwall woman says she’s still in disbelief after the vehicle she was driving was struck by lightning Tuesday afternoon.

Loni Dilaj was travelling down Highway 2 between Long Sault and Ingleside when a storm hit.

“I’m just driving along and there’s a big flash of white/purple light around my car and what sounded like a gunshot went off in my car” she says. “I pulled over to the side, my service lights came on, my car slowed down and kind of stopped working and then I realized ‘I think I got hit by lightning.’” 

The antenna was “completely obliterated" she says and it "almost looks like a burnt motherboard on top so I figured that’s where it hit."

The main computer of the vehicle was fried.

“We can’t start it [the vehicle] at all, that controls everything. Even if we try to put the booster cables on there’s nothing there at all, there’s no power,” says Justin Dixon, a service advisor at Seaway Hyundai.

The 2007 Hyundai Tucson is likely a write off - with the cost of repair higher than what the vehicle is worth.

“It’s my first car and I’ve had it for eight years…he’s paid off and I’m a little heartbroken,” says Dilaj who is in a rental car for the time being. “I was a bit shaken up but at the same time I was safe so I was fine but it was just shocking.”