Environment Canada has put all of Alberta under an 'Extreme Cold' warning.

In the Edmonton area, the cold conditions are expected to continue through the weekend. Temperatures could fall to -45 to -50 degrees with the wind chill.

The deep freeze is putting extra pressure on the electrical system, triggering an emergency alert Monday night.

But for many Edmontonians, the cold isn't completely unbearable.

"It's not too bad. It could be worse," Nick Ford told CTV News Edmonton.

Ford opted to take the bus to work this week, parking his bike during this cold snap.

"It takes your breath away, literally," he told CTV News Edmonton. "You've got to bundle up, invest in some good winter gear and coffee always helps too, so that's how I deal with the cold."

Myrna Cretney bundled up and walked to an appointment on Tuesday morning.

"I'm not a cold weather person but I'm dressed warm. And the wind is not blowing in my face so I'm good," she said. "I'll make it."

EMS responded to 23 cold-related calls in the Edmonton Zone between Jan. 10-14. Five of the cases required a trip to the hospital.

There are typically one or two calls a day during the winter months when cold warnings are not in effect.

Environment Canada said it's the first time since March 2, 2019 that the entire province has been covered in Extreme Cold Warnings.

The weather agency said some of the coldest spots in Alberta were at the Jasper warden site, which registered an air temparature of -44.8C and Elk Island, which plunged to -43.5C.

The extreme cold is dangerous and can be unhealthy. People are encouraged to dress in layers, cover exposed skin and limit their time outdoors.

The wind chill values in #yeg & #Alberta will fall in both these #FROSTBITE risk ranges today. Very high risk this morning, exposed skin can freeze in 2-5min. Dress in layers, cover exposed skin & wear appropriate gloves, scarves, toques & boots. pic.twitter.com/BaDw6XKDnC

— Cory Edel (@coryedelCTV) January 14, 2020