Jasper Avenue construction completed after 2 years

Downtown commuters now have less construction to deal with as a major phase of the Jasper Avenue project has wrapped up.

All lanes of traffic are now open from 109 Street to 114 Street after two years of major construction.

“It was worth it when I drove down it today,” said a woman who regularly drives down Jasper Avenue. “It looks like room for pedestrians and room for cars and some bikes.”

Two lanes for traffic in each direction with a centre left-turn lane has been added, sidewalks have been made wider, and a bike crossing at 110 Street was created.

“Nice big wide sidewalks, benches along the sidewalks, vegetation, it’s lovely to walk on it,” said one pedestrian.

The first phase of the Jasper Avenue transformation was completed ahead of schedule and the city says a dry construction season helped make that happen.

In a statement, the project manager says concerns from residents, commuters, cyclists and businesses were all taken into consideration.

“We are confident this new space reflects the balance of perspectives we’ve heard from Edmontonians throughout the development of this project.”

“In any project like that, you’re going to have trade-offs,” said Ward 6 Coun.Scott McKeen.

The outgoing city councillor says it was important to make the corridor more pedestrian friendly;they envisioned future restaurant patios and window shopping options down the busy street.

“Is it all there now? No. But the idea is that when you build something like that, the investment will follow,” said McKeen. “Investment follows infrastructure.”

The $20-million investment is something some Edmontonians are a bit disappointed in, saying they wished there was more green space and bike lanes.

‘Vibrant’ isn’t the word that comes to mind seeing a six lane highway through downtown.

— Black Friday Riot (@RobertABooey4) October 6, 2021

I understand folks worked really hard on this and that there are always tradeoffs but this is just a wide road with nicer benches to watch the traffic. Disappointing as we could have done something interesting and more pedestrian/bike friendly here https://t.co/rGt5oNK1LX

— DAM (they/them)��️‍�� (@McDavyDucks) October 6, 2021

The second phase of Imagine Jasper Avenue will go from 114 Street to 124 Street but it remains unfunded.

It will be up to the new council and city administration to determine whether that goes forward.

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Carlyle Fiset