Jurassic jive: Dino-clad concert crashers caught on camera

At first it seemed like any other of Stephanie’s lawn concerts. Until it suddenly wasn’t.

“This is the most epic thing that’s happened at a ‘lawncert’” Stephanie smiles.

After staging dozens of pandemic pop-ups in people’s front yards, the singer thought she’d reached the pinnacle of the performance.

“They’re singing along every word with you and it’s a wonderful moment,” Stephanie says. “And then I sort of crumpled [with laughter].”

The concert was being crashed by a collection of carnivores; a group of five people in inflatable T-Rex costumes.

“I’d say it was a sighting of the Jurassic kind,” Stephanie smiles, before adding she was stunned and it was a total surprise.

“It’s hard to keep your composure,” she explains. “And then immediately I’m thinking what song can I sing that’s going to match this era.”

Seeing as there was nothing prehistoric on her playlist, Stephanie picked a perennial crowd-pleaser, “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’.”

The dinosaurs started dancing and the whole thing was caught on camera.

“We had a T-Rex kick-line! Their little arms moving to the side,” Stephanie says, reenacting the choreography. “It’s epic!”

It was also a mystery. Nobody seemed to know who the toe-tapping T-Rexes were.

Well, nobody but Lynne.

“I heard [Stephanie] was playing up the street and decided to show up out of the blue,” Lynne explains.

She invited a friend along too — and a trio of international students staying with her — who all happened to have inflatable dino duds.

“We walked up the street [in costume] and my girlfriend said to the other girls, ‘Follow what she’s doing!’” Lynne laughs.

Seeing as they hadn’t rehearsed any real choreography, Lynne told them, “Just go for it!”

If the song’s boots were made for walking, the Jurassic five proved they were made for jiving.

Stephanie kept singing throughout their impromptu performance and couldn’t have been happier with the unexpected collaboration.

“There’s always time for laughter,” she says. “There’s always time for humour!”

And you should always make time, Lynne says, to spread a little joy.

“I’ve always told my kids, ‘How you want to be treated, put that back out there to somebody else,’” Lynne says. “Do something silly that makes others happy!”

A sentiment it seems, will never go extinct.