Justin Trudeau to make campaign stop in Sudbury on Tuesday

CTV News has learned federal liberal leader Justin Trudeau will be in Sudbury, Ont., late Tuesday afternoon for a campaign stop. He'll be joined by two local candidates, and former cabinet minister Melanie Joly.

Trudeau will be at University of Sudbury at 4:30 p.m. Incumbent for the Nickel Belt riding, Marc Serré and Sudbury Liberal candidate Viviane Lapointe will also be there.

Trudeau, prime minister since 2015, has enjoyed popularity in Sudbury with two Liberal seats being held in the area over his years. He brought a liberal cabinet retreat to Laurentian University, and on another visit, helped to open the Maley Drive project, for which Ottawa provided $26 million.

He was in Iqaulit yesterday and the Ottawa area Tuesday morning.

CTV News Northern Ontario will livesteam the even here at CTVNewsNorthernOntario.ca starting at 4 p.m. and bring you latest about the visit. Check back for updates.