Kids' cold medicine in short supply in Sask.

Syed Ejaz says his two-and-a-half year old daughter has had a cough and cold for the past while, so he’s been looking for his favoured brand to help with her symptoms.

“I pretty much went to all these stores. Shoppers, Superstore and none of them had Tylenol two to 11 years old,” Ejaz told CTV News.

As someone who travels for work, Ejaz even tried stores in Prince Albert and found a similar situation with empty shelves.

Pharmacists Association of Saskatchewan CEO Michael Fougere says pharmacies across the province are experiencing a shortage of cold remedies in their stores.

“The supplies are short for children’s cough and cold medication. That seems to be the case around the province,” Fougere told CTV News.

Over-the-counter medications under brands such as Tylenol, Advil and Buckley's are hard to come by in some locations.

“Over the past couple of years there haven’t been a lot of colds of flus around, so manufacturers have shifted their production to other products and now we're getting into a different era of COVID so hopefully they’ll be ramping up production to meet the demand for children,” Fougere says.

Fougere advises parents to check with the pharmacy team if they are not seeing their regular cold medication because an alternative can be recommended in most cases.