Kincardine piers closed due to need for extensive repairs

Kincardine, Ont. pier (Scott Miller/CTV London)

Kincardine’s piers are closed indefinitely. Council has been told that both of Kincardine’s piers require extensive repairs, and the work should begin as soon as possible.

Staff have reported to council that over $200,000 in repairs are required to bring the piers, up to standard.

The piers were closed last September when a visiting tourist drowned, after jumping off the pier to help two girls struggling in the water. Safety upgrades had been proposed by the community to improve safety, both at Kincardine’s piers and beach, a few months ago.

It’s expected that safety upgrades at the piers to prevent drownings will be put on hold, until the repair work to make the structures safe is completed. There is no timetable for the work to be completed, but staff are hoping to get underway, as soon as possible.