King’s Landing in North Bay reopens for vehicles

The King’s Landing wharf is again open to vehicles after being closed in March due to damage caused by ice in the spring.

City officials told CTV News when the ice was thawing on Lake Nipissing last spring, an unusual north wind came in and caused damage to the wharf, making it unsafe for vehicles to use.

“There we’re structural problems,” said North Bay city councillor Chris Mayne.

"These are the actual 8x8 timbers -- some of them were cracked and split, which weakened the deck structure on the wharf. You wouldn’t think the ice would be that strong, but it was … so it was an unexpected repair.”

The landing is busy with cars again and people enjoying the boardwalk said they’re happy the repairs are complete.

“The boards on the boardwalk are a little bit risky -- my buddy here tripped today. So knowing that I could drive him all the way to the handicap spot would be a benefit to us,” said one man heading out to ride the Chief Commanda.

“When people go fishing they tend to bring a lot of stuff, so since that’s opened, it’s allowed us to bring all our fishing gear and we don’t have to carry it down the whole boardwalk,” said another person who was enjoying the day fishing.

While the wharf is fully functioning again, Mayne said you can expect to see city staff adding large rocks to the north side of the wharf to prevent any reoccurring damage.

Although it might not happen under this council, Mayne said there are plans to improve the existing wharf.

“We would like to bring the wharf closer to where the old Chief is stationed as a restaurant and just extend that wharf a little bit so the active Chief Commanda would park a lot closer to shore it’s self,” said Mayne.

“Then the existing wharf would still be there but it wouldn’t need to be kept to the standard where you’re having trucks and traffic back and forth on it.”

Mayne said the city budgets close to $100,000 a year for the waterfront marina. He said the wharf repairs were about $80,000.