Kitchener Centre riding one to watch in 2021 federal election

Kitchener Centre will be a hotly contested riding in Monday's election.

Liberal incumbent Raj Saini dropped out of the race on Sept. 4 following allegations of harassment, which he has denied.

Green candidate Mike Morrice came in second place in 2019, and it could be a historic win for his party and Waterloo Region if he is elected on Monday night.

Saini's name was still on the ballot for voters in the riding because he dropped out after the deadline. The Liberal Party has said if he wins, he won't be in the Liberal caucus. He could either sit as an independent or resign and force a byelection.

There is also a strong Conservative base in Kitchener Centre. Mary Henein Thorn is the candidate for that party. Beisan Zubi is running for the NDP in Kitchener Centre.

CTVNewsKitchener will have live results for Waterloo Region and surrounding area starting at 9:30 p.m. ET.