KITCHENER - The city of Kitchener is considering adding a tax levy to help with the upkeep of city-owned facilities like arenas, pools and community centres.

The levy recommended by city staff Monday evening, would be added on top of the property tax that residents already pay.

The levy will see .05 per cent increase on top of the property tax residents already pay.

“The part the council is going to have to grapple with is the recommendation typically has been that we raise tax to the level of inflation and this would be on top of that,” said Ward One Councillor Scott Davey.

Cities such as Guelph have already imposed a tax levy for this exact purpose, but Davey says it's still concerning.

“Personally speaking that's not something I support, and it's not something I think we need to do. I think we can be more careful in terms of the new initiatives we have going forward and still try and build that amount in the levy,” said Davey.

The City of Kitchener is responsible for a large number of buildings including 10 rinks, eight pools, 14 community centres and a number of other facilities.

Davey hopes to lobby senior levels of government to help bridge the gap in finances. 

Councillors say this is not an urgent demand for immediate attention, it's a long-term forecast, but if nothing is done in the next 10 to 20 years, Kitchener could be in a very tough spot.