Kitchener launching street-by-street clean-up of storm debris on Wednesday

The City of Kitchener is beginning a street-by-street clean-up of storm debris on Wednesday after a severe thunderstorm caused damage throughout the region last week.

Residents are asked to bring trees, branches and debris to their curb for collection before 7 a.m. on July 7.

Storm debris must be separated from regular waste collection and should not block sidewalks or road access.

If you have tree branches & debris still in your yard after last week’s storm, please:
�� Bring debris to your boulevard before 7 a.m. on Wed, July 7
�� City crews will collect debris over the next few weeks. Please be patient!
�� If you see trees/limbs on a hydro line, call 911

— City of Kitchener (@CityKitchener) July 6, 2021

The severe thunderstorm hit June 29 and knocked down trees throughout the area.

Staff say all Kitchener streets will be cleared, but the high volume of storm-related debris means clean-up will likely take all month.

Smaller branches and debris will be picked up through the regular yard waste collection program.

Debris drop-offs at city leaf depots will not be accepted.