Kitchener musician pushing to turn The Boathouse into a live music venue

A Kitchener musician is lobbying the city to turn The Boathouse back into a live music venue.

The Boathouse, formally a restaurant and music venue, has been closed since the fall of 2019.

The sign still sits outside the building located in the heart of Victoria Park in Kitchener.

Peter Temple has started a petition to revamp the venue and plans to take the issue to city council.

He said there aren’t enough music venues left in the region since the pandemic but admitted if a new business moved into the building they might need extra help. He is calling out city officials to help the next business financially..

“I would like to see this venue treated like every other venue that has support of the city. The Museum, the Centre in the Square,” said Temple.

Temple said it was his favourite place to play and has performed there dozens of times.

“The capacity was only 80 but it was a music-centric crowd that appreciated music,” said Temple.

According to Brian Bennett, the manager of economic development at the City of Kitchener, new life might be coming to the building soon.

“We are looking forward to issuing a new request for a proposal this fall,” Bennett said.

Bennett said the city hopes the new tenant can move in by the summer of 2022.

The city said it could become a music venue again but they are keeping their options open.

“Open to any applicants who would like to be an operator if they meet the criteria of the proposal,” said Bennett.

Some residents who live near Victoria Park said it could get very loud on some days when live performances were happening.

One resident, Ian Graham, said he heard of some complaints but said it got better in recent years and he didn’t mind the music.

“Quite a number of years back there was an issue with some of the residents that I knew and they said they like the music but It got loud past certain point but I think as far as I knew they did solve that,” Graham said.

Temple said it is worth it and said it will benefit the next generations.

“And the future of cultural expansion and tourism,” Temple said.