Kitchener nail artist providing glamour during lockdown with take home press-on nail kits

Bopha Chin, a nail artist in Kitchener, is looking to help people who want to feel a little glamourous during the lockdown.

Her take home press-on nail kits have been a customizable and popular option for her customers looking to achieve this.

“We did the research, I put it out there, and everybody was just so excited to see these press-on nails,” said Chin.

The nail artist has been working in the industry for a decade, but had to close up her shop and work from home just before the pandemic to help her ailing mother who passed away last year.

Chin says her late mother loved having nice nails, which inspired her to take the Press-On’s From a Passion Project to a business.

“I feel like this gave me an opportunity to show her what I did for her on her last day,” she said. “I kind of pushed off and made it on my own. I wanted her to be a part of something that I started.”

After testing different products on her own nails, Chin came up with an easy to use kit that has options to glue them on for longer wear, or stickers for more day-to-day use.

She has also designed how-to guides to measure nail beds in order to make sure the set is a perfect fit.

“That’s the thing, they’re not plastic, they’re not cheap,” said customer Ashya Simon. “They’re very firm and the quality is amazing.

“Just having my nails done makes me feel beautiful, makes me feel good inside, especially with the pandemic.”

Chin says one of her favourite parts about creating the press-on nail sets is being able to completely customize them to whatever the client wants. This includes 3-D flowers, to hand painted art, and much more.

“I have gotten six sets, so whenever I want to change it up you go with the sparkle or something or that neutral kind that I have right now,” said customer Kinny Ros.