Krazy Binz's 'complete pandemonium' displeases nearby businesses

Krazy Binz brought in hundreds of shoppers on the grand opening day Thursday – creating chaos for nearby neighbours.

Hundreds of bargain hunters began lining up as early as 6 a.m. in hopes of scoring a deal. All customers are given a 30-minute shopping timeslot, creating chaos in the parking lot.

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Steven Knight, owner of Mosaics Home Services, says the surrounding businesses received a 48-hour notice prior to the opening of Krazy Binz. He described the usually quiet industrial area as being overrun by hungry shoppers.

“We’ve got a new crazy neighbour,” he said, referring to the area as a "complete pandemonium."

While Knight is supportive of local business and innovative ideas, he feels the area is completely inappropriate for the big-box retailer.

“Everybody has the right to run their business but it’s a quiet industrial area with lots of truckers driving around,” he said. “Normally this side of the building is completely empty. There is just staff parking and now you’ve got professional services that can’t even walk through the front door.”

The unexpected opening of the store has created tension among other tenants who struggle to find parking.

“It’s frustrating for tenants -- there’s a major lack in parking. There’s people running through the parking lots. It’s crazy,” said Knight.

He says he gets a real kick out of the siren that goes off indicating it is the next group’s turn.

Despite the frustration from neighbours, Krazy Binz partner Samer Abualjeibad says he is working to communicate with angry tenants.

“As a temporary location -- its’ bad,” he said.

For now, Krazy Binz has no plans of slowing down. The store is receiving a new shipment to refill the bins for Friday and Saturday.

Customers leaving the store told CTV News Edmonton that parking is very difficult to find and cars tend to circle the lots before they are able to find a spot to park.

On Friday each item is sold for $10. The location is 11531 160 St.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's David Ewasuk